The Complaintline service is the online directory and gateway to information to help you get a resolution to your complaint.


We are not a dispute resolution service and we cannot give specific advice on particular complaints.




When you can't get your service provider to address your complaint, Complaintline helps with how to complain and get results


About Complaintline


Complaintline is an on-line gateway for Australian customers/consumers. It was developed in 2000 by Karen Chalmers-Scott (Scott Concepts) to address the absence of a co-ordinated online resource to help Australians know where to go for help with complaints they couldn’t resolve themselves with their service providers. The information was around, but it was often hard to find. Complaintline brought it together online for the first time.


Since 2000, other directories and complaints sites have followed.


In 2008, Complaintline was held up by the Productivity Commission (in its Review of Australia's Consumer Policy Framework, Report Volume 2) as a model others should emulate. In 2009, with our agreement, the Complaintline name and gateway concept was adopted in New Zealand.


Complaintline gives easy access to external dispute resolution schemes, codes of conduct and codes of practice, customer contracts and other customer initiatives to help customers/consumers sort out problems they may have with all sorts of service providers. Even today many people are not aware that all of these exist, let alone how to make use of them. After all, most of us don't take much notice until we have a problem. Complaintline also links to important customer codes, contracts and charters, industry codes of practice and regulations, so that customers/consumers can better understand their rights and the service provider's obligations.


Almost 23 years on, Complaintline remains a trusted source of links and information.


Please note we do not have a complaint handling/dispute resolution role ourselves. Our service is the community service online directory.


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We cannot help with specific advice on your complaint, but we can help point you in the right direction if you can't find what you are looking for in our categories list. We also welcome your ideas for complaint categories. And we are always grateful to hear if the information we have on the site needs updating (and how). Email us


Our promotion policy


Complaintline will be seeking to promote initiatives that:

• make it easier for customers/consumers to get their complaints heard and problems fixed

• make information on complaints handling procedures easily available to customers/consumers


Our privacy policy


You can go to all parts of the Complaintline site without identifying yourself. Should you email us for any reason, the information you include in that email will be used only for the purpose for which you provided it to us.  We suggest you do not include detailed complaint information because we are not able to assist with specific advice.




Complaintline is an online information service only. Any references on the site should not be taken as an endorsement. While every effort is made to keep the information current, no responsibility is accepted by Complaintline, nor its parent company, Scott Concepts, for the accuracy of any statement, opinion or advice contained in any of the information supplied on this site. The information on this site is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the site take sole responsibility for using it. As a service, this site is linked to servers or websites maintained by other organisations. Complaintline cannot provide any warranty about the accuracy or source of any data set out on any of those servers or websites or the content of any file that the user downloads from such a third party site. Neither does it sponsor, endorse or necessarily approve of any material on sites linked from or to this site. Complaintline does not represent or warranty that any files obtained from or through this site are free from computer viruses or other defects. Users must assume all responsibility for any loss, damage or consequence resulting directly or indirectly from the use of those files. We recommend that prior to using any downloaded files, you carry out the appropriate virus check.




Complaintline has been run as a community service since 2000. Every effort is made to ensure that the information on this website is correct. Complaintline will not accept any responsibility for information which is inadvertently incorrect and/or where action has been taken as a result of the information on this site or any site it links to. More


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