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Complaintline is an online directory to help you find someone who can assist you with a complaint that you haven't been able to resolve with the service provider yourself more info
Complaintline helps you understand your rights and responsibilities more info
Complaintline encourages better complaints handling more info

Over 130 complaint categories
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Internet security tips from the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN)

ACCAN's tips for strong, safe passwords

Demand an end to mass surveillence

Ernst & Young survey: 39% of customers not contacting their supplier to try to have their complaint heard or resolved

Know your privacy rights - new laws from 12 March

Warning about personal information stored
on email accounts

Data privacy day: Understanding your
digital footprint

Western Australia now has an
Energy and Water Ombudsman

New Code of Banking Practice comes
in from 1 February 2014

Latest news from the financial services regulator


Consumer law 'a dog that growls but rarely bites'

Court confirms salespeople must not ignore do not knock' signs

Free, fair, independent

Stop calls, junk mail and door-knockers
Go onto the 'Do Not Call' Register (and remember to renew)

Register with ADMA's 'do not mail' service here

Get a 'do not knock' sticker

Don't get scammed
Scamwatch website

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